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Haring B 讓您見證前所未有的美白效果,再也不必花冤枉錢到診所做美白。





使用 Haring B 新手組合包,即可在自家見證您前所未有的雪白笑容。我們的專利配方採用牙醫級成分,在去除牙漬的同時,完全不會破壞牙齒構造。Haring B 的配方設計,在於對牙齒內層和外層進行色素氧化,使用了 Haring B 牙齒美白新手組合包,就能迅速見效。




Haring B 入门套餐包括:

- 2 x 3 ml 牙齒美白劑注射器 (14-天 可用)

- Haring B 升級版 LED光線機

- 牙套

- 可確認效果的牙齒比色卡





單件組合包的美白凝膠足以讓您使用多達 14 次。使用 Haring B 的效果可持續數月,但一段時間後,您的牙齒仍會再次逐漸變色,而特定的生活習慣可能會加速變色的過程。建議您先按照我們的排定的時間表使用,用完 14 次後,再一週一次使用我們的補充凝膠,確保您一整年都能維持晶亮潔白的笑容。

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Use Haring B Starter Kit to get your whitest smile at home. Our formula safely removes stains in your teeth without damaging your teeth. Formulated to removed both intrinsic and extrinsic stains, Haring B Teeth Whitening Starter Kit will quickly show results.

Check your results instantly after each application with our shade guide. 



Haring B Starter Kit includes:

- 2 x 3 ml Haring B Whitening Gel (14-day supply)

- Haring B LED Light

- Custom Mouth Trays

- Shade guide to check your results 


Haring B HK Starter Kit




How much does 1 kit have and how long does result last?

Our kit has enough gel for up to 14 applications. Haring B results lasts several months. Your teeth will gradually get stained depending on your lifestyle. We recommend using all 14 applications at first. Then use Refill once a week to maintain your white smile all-year round.



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