#Thank you Haring B Promo #Haring B#感謝祭

Become a Haring B ambassador today by showing your love for Haring B on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Weibo, or Wechat to win the following. We're very proud of our products and we'd love for you to share with us.

成為Haring B大使,並在Facebook, Instagram, Line, 微博,微信分享Haring B使用心得,將有機會獲得豐富獎品


#Special Event #特別活動

Win an iPad Mini 4 (64GB, Wifi + Cellular, Color of your choice)

獎品:iPad Mini 4 (64GB, Wifi + Cellular, 可選擇不同顏色)

details below for instructions


Haring B Win an iPad 

#Promo 1 #活動1

Upload your Haring B Selfie on your social media and win 1 Refill Gel.

在社交網站上載您與Haring B的自拍照可免費獲得Refill Gel一支

 Haring B SelfieHaring B Selfie


Prize 贈品

Haring B Refill Gel

 Haring B Refil


#Promo 2 #活動2

Boast your Haring B Smile with our shade guide on your social media to win Haring B Starter Kit for friend or family. 

在社交網站展示你使用Haring B後的燦爛笑容,並與亮白對照表合照,便可獲得Haring B Starter Kit一套

Haring B Selfie

Prize 贈品:

Haring B Starter Kit



How to Participate 參加辦法

Take a selfie with Haring B Shade Guide as shown below. Your entire face and Haring B Shade Guide must be visible. Hashtags are required.

按照以下圖示,與Haring B的亮白對照表影張自拍照。自拍照一定要呈現您的樣貌及Haring B亮白對照表。一定要加上主題標籤(Hashtags)。

Required Hashtags <必須加上主題標籤 (Hashtags)>

@haringbe #thankyou#haringb#牙齒美白

*Not having the right hashtags may disqualify you from winning the prize. Please check carefully. 



Please take a screenshot of your social media and send us via email to let us know that you're participating.



How Winners are Picked 抽獎方法

#Special Event for iPad #贈送iPad 特別活動

Every 2 months, 1 participant with more than 200 Likes will be chosen to win an iPad Mini 4*

 每兩個月獲得200個Like以上的參者加可參加抽獎,有機會贏得iPad Mini 4 一部*

#Promo 1 #活動1

Every participant with more than 20 Likes will receive 1 Refill Gel.

所有獲得20個Like以上的參者加,均可免費獲得Refill Gel一

#Promo 2 #活動2

Every participant with more than 20 Likes will receive 1 Haring B Starter Kit

參加者只要上載「使用前及使用後」照片,均可獲得Starter Kit 一套



Dates and Announcement 活動期間及得獎者公布

iPad Mini 4 winner will be announced on May 5, 2016. Participants after April 30th will be moved to the next term.

iPad Mini 4得獎者將於2016年5月5日公布,4月30日以後的參加者將分配到下一輪抽獎

*We have decided to make random selections to give an equal chance of winning to everyone.